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Published: September 22, 2023

President's Letter

2023 - What a Difference a Year Makes

Dear Friends:

As always, it's a pleasure to update you on things going on here at Johnson's and perhaps share some insights on how we've been impacted (positively and negatively) by the crazy events of 2023.

My what a difference a year makes! In 2022 we enjoyed a record first half ... and then the Federal Reserve triggered 7% mortgage rates in mid-August. In an instant, our traditional household good moving business contracted 20% as people stayed-put with their 3% mortgages. We are starting to see that market recover as lenders get creative with buy-downs and sellers resign themselves to the new normal.

On the flip side of our business, we continue to ride the post-Covid wave of office de-commissioning (read, shrinking) as tenants give-up un-needed space and re-stack their offices (which requires a quality office mover like us). We also continue to enjoy record growth in our new logistics businesses including WarehousingIT.com, Johnson Commercial Solutions, OneRelo, and Broadway Business Interiors. Those businesses are growing at a 20% clip and recently eclipsed our legacy moving & storage business in terms of revenues. Like most businesses, we are balancing rising interest expense, inflation, and most importantly, the need to help our 550 employees and contractors keep up in an increasingly difficult economic environment. We are fortunate to have diversified our business rapidly over the past five years, now servicing:

  • National office & industrial relocation and project management;
  • National office furniture sales;
  • Supply chain management and commercial warehousing;
  • International freight forwarding;
  • Military household goods relocations; and
  • Our legacy civilian household goods relocation business.

We are blessed to have a vast network of loyal customers and suppliers and we are always here to serve. We wish all of you the best in this challenging environment and we're here to help.

Thanks as always for your friendship and partnership with our growing business.



Congratulations to our COO Don Hindman, Esq. for being inducted into the TITAN 100 Hall of Fame!

The TITAN 100 Hall of Fame is a class of elite entrepreneurs that have consistently shown over the past three years their ability to demonstrate the characteristics of a Titan who is a pillar of our community!
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Recent News and Moves

New Centennial Warehouse is open!

This new warehouse expansion has 60,000 square feet, 43' clear, 10,000 pallet positions, 11 dock doors. We have doubled our warehousing capacities for the Denver Metro Area.
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Annual Truck Charity Pull

Johnson Storage & Moving wants to thank everyone who came to our Annual Charity Truck Pull! We are very proud to announce that we raised over $30k for the Easter Seals and IN! Pathways to Inclusive Higher Education! A huge thank you to all the teams that participated, and we look forward to seeing you again next year. We hope you all had as much fun as we did while raising money for these two amazing charities.
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Johnson Storage & Moving joint venture with 1 Relo

Johnson Storage & Moving is proud to announced its new joint venture with 1Relo located in Miami, FL. This joint venture will enable JSM's International Division to combine efforts with 1Relo's experienced international forwarding team to grow agent and COD relocation business across the world.

1Relo had been growing quickly in the Agent and COD forwarding business, but sought out an alliance with Johnson's to facilitate even more rapid growth.

Johnson's belongs to FIDI, LACMA, IAM, and other organizations that facilitate geographic coverage and consistent quality. "We are excited to partner with Morrie Stevens and the Johnson team to facilitate even faster growth in our international household goods forwarding business" said 1Relo's founder, Manny Rojas. "Johnson's has a 123 year track record of excellence and we're super excited to launch our new JV to foster mutual growth."

Johnson's international business is headed by Johnson VP Morrie Stevens, Jr., an industry veteran with more than 20 years' experience in international freight forwarding. "We look forward to partnering with Manny, Rick, and their entire team to turbo-charge our forwarding business" said Stevens. "This JV will more than double our international business Day 1, with the opportunity to build a $25M freight forwarder over the next five years. Exciting Stuff!"

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Johnson Commercial Solutions close to being OMA's

Top Booker for the second year in a row.

With the OMA year just concluding Sept 15th the JCS Team has had another very successful year with over $6M in Revenue booked into the OMA Platform. This is the largest number by any agent in Bookings and looks to give JCS a Second Consecutive Year of Winning Top Booker. That will not be official till the October Annual Meeting but is pretty much confirmed. Such a Great Accomplishment for this entire Team especially looking at some of the very touch components.
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Johnson Employees Volunteer at Easter Seals Camp

Volunteering is a powerful way to give back to the community and make a positive impact on the lives of others. Recently Johnson Storage & Moving participated in camp clean-up at the Easter Seals camp, which included tasks like painting, mowing, and weeding. Easter Seals is a non-profit organization that provides services and support to individuals with disabilities.

The Easter Seals camps offer a unique environment where individuals with disabilities can enjoy recreational activities, develop social skills, and build self-confidence. This camp provides a safe and inclusive space for campers to connect with nature, make new friends, and create lasting memories. Thank you to all the Johnson employees who participated in this event.

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Record Month for our WarehousingIT.com Business

Warehousing|T completed their best month on Record with over $2.1M in Booked Revenue for the month of August. WIT has added some large profile accounts in Porsche, TQL and Amazon recently helping drive this success. We continue to see opportunities around the country everyday and look forward to future growth as our Network is one of the Largest in the Industry which helps us land new business. We hope to shortly know if we are a finalist for one of the largest opportunities to date 320,000 pallets around the country. Fingers Crossed!!
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Johnson Cares

Johnson's and our Johnson Cares Foundation was recognized as 2023 Honoree by the Institute for Inclusive Higher Ed. ("IN"). Johnson's has sponsored 25 college students with intellectual disabilities including our own Aaron Schmidt (pictured). Congrats to Aaron on your accomplishments!
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Company Picnic

We recently had our annual picnic. We have a great turn out - close to 100% turned out from our entire crew, sales and ops. Thank you to those that contributed to the raffle prizes!
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Elevating Quality: A Year of Progress

In the past year, our unwavering commitment to quality improvement has yielded some remarkable results. Our Quality Enhancement Initiative has been a driving force behind these achievements, with a focus on optimizing software utilization, implementing new protocols, and staying dedicated to our mission.

We actively engage with our global household goods customers across various platforms to gather their valuable feedback. In our interstate operations alone, this dedication to customer feedback has resulted in a remarkable 20% increase in customer responses and an impressive 5.96% boost in our Willingness To Recommend (WTR) compared to the previous year.

As we approach the final quarter of the year, we are filled with enthusiasm to end on a high note. We look forward to setting fresh goals that will sustain our growth momentum and proudly exemplify our unwavering commitment to quality.

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